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Milwaukee Sheriff: Obama ‘Started This War On Police’
In response to the execution-style murder of  Harris County Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth, who was shot multiple times at a gas station in Cypress, Texas, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. strongly criticized what he called the “black lies matter” movement and stressed that President Barack Obama himself had “started this war on police.” On Fox’s “Justice With Judge Jeanine” on Aug. 29, the host asked Sheriff Clarke,  “Is it open season on law enforcement in this country?” Sheriff Clarke said,  “Judge, I am too pissed off tonight to be diplomatic about what’s going on and I’m not going to stick my head in the sand about it.” CNS News
VOA VIEW: Clarke, who is black, should be the head of the FBI, DOJ, or even president.

'Deflategate' Judge To Rule Soon After Brady, NFL Talks Fail
The National Football League and its players union failed to reach a settlement in their dispute over New England quarterback Tom Brady's four-game "Deflategate" suspension despite weeks of talks, leaving a federal judge to resolve the issue in the coming days. Following a final round of unsuccessful private discussions, U.S. District Judge Richard Berman said at a brief court hearing on Monday that he will likely decide whether to uphold or throw out the suspension within one or two days.
In any case, Berman said, he will issue his ruling before Friday, at the request of the league and the union. The Patriots open their season on Sept. 10 at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Reuters

Judge Tells IRS It Can't Hide White House Emails
White House emails to the IRS about individual tax returns cannot be exempted by the embattled agency under the Freedom of Information Act, a federal judge ruled Friday. United States District Court for the District of Columbia Judge Amy Berman Jackson ruled that Section 6103 of the tax code does not justify the IRS from withholding from FOIA requesters by refusing to say whether the records exist. She ordered the IRS to respond properly to an FOIA request submitted by the non-profit watchdog group Cause of Action. “As we have said all along, this administration cannot misinterpret the law in order to potentially hide evidence of wrongdoing. No administration is above the law, and we are pleased that the court has sided with us on this important point,” said Daniel Bernstein, executive director of Cause of Action. Fox News
VOA VIEW: A wise judgment.

Crowdfunding College: More Students Depend On Kindness Of Strangers
When the desire to go to college exceeds your ability to pay for it, you need to get creative. For a growing number of students, that means asking others for help through crowdfunding. Educational funding is one of the most popular categories on the popular crowdfunding site GoFundMe. So far this year, about 130,000 educational GoFundMe accounts have been created, raising a total of more than $20 million. By comparison, the 140,000 accounts opened in 2014 raised $17.5 million - and that was an increase of 280 percent from the year before. "It makes total sense," said Kelsea Little, media director for GoFundMe. "College is becoming increasingly more difficult to pay for and scholarships are becoming more competitive, so crowdfunding offers a brand new and fresh alternative that anyone can take advantage of." MSNBC


Can 2 Parents, 2 Kids Live On Minimum Wage? Not Even Close
For minimum wage employees, the data may not be a surprise, but it remains a stark finding. A new Economic Policy Institute report finds that, no matter where they live in the United States, minimum wage workers earn far less than they need to make ends meet. Compiling data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Federal Highway Administration, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and several other sources, the nonpartisan think tank found that the average cost of living in the U.S., excluding discretionary spending, is more than $65,000 a year for a family with two adults and two children. That's roughly $50,000 more than what a minimum-wage worker earns. The EPI also looked at the cost of living for single adults and found similar disparities. MSNBC

Black Lives Matter Causes More Headaches For Dems By Rejecting DNC Resolution
The Democratic National Committee’s attempt to cozy up to the Black Lives Matter movement was rejected Sunday as the network pushed back against aligning itself with either major party. After the Democratic National Committee passed a resolution Friday expressing solidarity with Black Lives Matter, the group issued a statement stressing that the DNC effort “in no way implies an endorsement of the DNC by the Black Lives Matter Network, nor was it done in consultation with us.”
“We do not now, nor have we ever, endorsed or affiliated with the Democratic Party, or with any party,” said the statement on the Black Lives Matter Facebook page. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The DNC got an embarrassing black eye.

Hillary Clinton Bows To Left, Takes Swipe At Wall Street
Bowing to pressure from liberal activists, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday threw her support behind legislation that would close the “revolving door” between Wall Street and the federal government. Mrs. Clinton co-authored an op-ed with Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin Democrat, voicing support for Ms. Baldwin’s bill that would end huge payouts or “golden parachutes” that Wall Street firms lavish on executives who leave to work in the federal government. Washington Times


10 Purchases You Shouldn't Make With A Credit Card
Many credit cards offer a slew of incentives to consumers who use them -- from cash back and other rewards to zero liability in case of fraud. But credit cards are not always your best form of payment, especially if you aren't great with debt. In many cases, you are better off keeping the plastic tucked away. Here are 10 purchases you should probably avoid making with your magic plastic. If you are already cutting it close for the month, you may be tempted to use plastic to pay the utility, cellphone or cable bill. But if you're not paying off your full balance each month, the interest you will be charged makes those monthly bills even more expensive. CBS

2 Southwest Airlines Planes Clip Wings In California
Authorities say two commercial airliners clipped wing tips at the Oakland International Airport in California, but no injuries were reported. KNTV reports Monday that a Southwest Airlines spokeswoman says a flight was headed to Orange County in Southern California Sunday night when its wing came into contact with the wing of another plane, while pushing back from the gate. Passenger Manas Gowd tells The Associated Press he was looking out the window when the plane lurched back from the gate and he felt a "very unnatural thump." He snapped a photo, showing a rugged edge of the upturned wing. The other plane had arrived from Phoenix earlier Sunday evening and was empty. Both planes were taken out of service and will undergo a maintenance check. CBS

Carson Tied For Lead With Trump In Iowa
A new poll released Monday shows Ben Carson tied with Donald Trump for the lead in Iowa with 23 percent support, marking the first time since mid-July that an Iowa poll has shown Trump not alone in the lead. The Monmouth University poll shows the surgeon’s support has unexpectedly increased by 15 points since the organization’s previous poll in mid-July. Meanwhile, former Iowa frontrunner Scott Walker has dropped 15 points to fifth place now. Businesswoman Carly Fiorina holds third place in the new poll with 10 percent support, although criteria for the debate on CNN among the top 10 candidates threatens her ability to grab a podium. ABC

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Obama To Test Wilderness Skills On Bear Grylls TV Show
President Barack Obama will test his wilderness survival skills with an appearance on the television show "Running Wild" in an Alaska adventure that will air later this year, the network NBC said on Monday. Obama will be the first U.S. president to appear on the show, in which British outdoor adventurer Bear Grylls takes celebrities through grueling treks in remote forests and mountains. NBC made the announcement on the same day Obama began a three-day visit to Alaska that is focused on climate change. The network said Obama and Grylls would meet to observe the effects of climate change on the area. The show will be taped and will air on NBC later this year, the network said. Reuters

Fliers Win When Airlines 'War'
A recent headline screamed, "Fare wars making a comeback." It was an attention grabber alright but there's another phrase that could have been used to describe the situation: fall pricing. Not as exciting but a lot more accurate. On the other hand, there actually are a few battles to report, and when you toss in the depressed prices of the back-to-school season, an unlikely victor emerges: not the airlines but you, the passenger. Nice to be on top for a change but how long will it last and what's the catch? A little analysis followed by some money-saving recommendations. First, the price of fuel is low. Thursday's crude per-barrel price of $38.60 wasn't a record breaker, but it was close and is light years from July 2008's price of near-$150. Cheaper jet fuel helps the airlines make a profit and while it hasn't turn them into charitable organizations, they seem to be feeling a little more generous than usual. ABC

Oil Caps Biggest Three-Day Gain Since 1990 As OPEC Ready To Talk
Oil capped the biggest three-day gain in 25 years after OPEC said it’s ready to talk to other global producers to achieve ‘fair prices’ and the U.S. government reduced its crude output estimates. Crude traded in New York surged 27 percent in three days, the most since August 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait. Both West Texas Intermediate and Brent benchmarks have climbed more than 20 percent from their closing low on Aug. 24, meeting the common definition of a bull market. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, responsible for about 40 percent of the world’s supply, said in a monthly publication it’s willing to talk, “but this has to be on a level playing field.” Bloomberg


Fred's 80-MPH Winds Prompt Hurricane Warning In Cape Verde Islands
Hurricane Fred has formed off the coast of West Africa, prompting a hurricane warning for Cape Verde, which is bracing for heavy rains and high winds, the National Weather Service said Monday. It is rare for a hurricane to form so near the African coast, and though a handful of tropical storms have formed this far east in the tropical Atlantic, Fred marks the easternmost formation of a hurricane, according to hurricane records in a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration database. (Hurricane Vince in 2005 formed at the easternmost point in the entire Atlantic.) This is the first hurricane to pass through the Cape Verde Islands since 1892. Forecasters began collecting tropical cyclone data in the Atlantic in 1851, though they warn the data that preceded the advent of satellite technology in the 1960s is less reliable than the data collected since. CNN

Obama Will Remove President McKinley's Name From Mount McKinley
The Obama administration will change the name of North America's tallest mountain peak from Mount McKinley to Denali, the White House said Sunday, a major symbolic gesture to Alaska Natives on the eve of President Barack Obama's historic visit to Alaska. By renaming the peak Denali, an Athabascan word meaning "the high one," Obama waded into a sensitive and decades-old conflict between residents of Alaska and Ohio. Alaskans have informally called the mountain Denali for years, but the federal government recognizes its name invoking the 25th president, William McKinley, who was born in Ohio and assassinated early in his second term.
"With our own sense of reverence for this place, we are officially renaming the mountain Denali in recognition of the traditions of Alaska Natives and the strong support of the people of Alaska," said Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. CNS News
VOA VIEW: Obama is power mad - it should be renamed by the next president.

U.S. Currency Probe Expands To Russia, Brazil Trades
U.S. prosecutors have expanded their probe of currency-market manipulation by some of the world’s largest banks to include the Russian ruble and Brazilian real, according to two people familiar with the matter. The Justice Department is using cooperation agreements it reached with banks in May to gather information and interview traders about suspected market rigging, said the people, who asked not to be named because the investigation is confidential. Trading of the Argentine peso has also attracted the attention of U.S. prosecutors, one of the people said. Bloomberg

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Deadly Fake Viagra: Online Pharmacies Suspected Of Selling Counterfeit Drugs
"Buy real Viagra here, for a fraction of the price! Free Shipping included! All without a prescription!" shout the online headlines. A quick Google search brings up a plethora of enticing choices for any consumer looking for a deal on one of the world's most popular prescription medications. Need beta blockers to bring down your blood pressure? Cholesterol lowering agents? Antibiotics? You name it, you can find it on the Internet. All the popular brand-name drugs are readily available online at discounted prices, and often without a valid prescription. Many online retailers say they can cut through the red tape that ties up more traditional brick and mortar pharmacies and pass on a substantial savings to the customer in the process. CNN

Legal Experts See No Criminal Trouble For Clinton Thus Far
Experts in government secrecy law see almost no possibility of criminal action against Hillary Clinton or her top aides in connection with now-classified information sent over unsecure email while she was secretary of state, based on the public evidence thus far. Some Republicans, including leading GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, have called Clinton's actions criminal and compared her situation to that of David Petraeus, the former CIA director who was prosecuted for giving top secret information to his paramour. Others have cited the case of another past CIA chief, John Deutch, who took highly classified material home. But in both of those cases, no one disputed that the information was highly classified and in many cases top secret. Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor; Deutch was pardoned by President Bill Clinton. Las Vegas Sun

Obama Offended By Attacks On Jews Who Back Iran Deal
President Barack Obama says people who attack Jews who support the Iran nuclear deal are like African-Americans who differ with him on policy and then conclude he's "not black enough." Obama spoke in an interview with the Jewish newspaper "Forward." He was asked whether it hurt him personally when people say he's anti-Semitic. Obama answered, "Oh, of course." And he said there's no evidence to support that claim. The president added that he's more offended when he hears members of his administration who are Jewish being attacked. The president didn't mention any specific critics or targets by name. Las Vegas Sun
VOA VIEW: Obama fake drama.

Women With Diabetes 6 Times More Likely To Have Heart Attack
Women younger than 45 with diabetes were found to be six times more likely to have myocardial infraction, or heart attack, than those who do not have the condition, researchers found in a large study. The influence of diabetes, as well as other factors, that can cause heart attack in younger women was independent of whether women were obese. "The lack of a correlation with obesity could be because of the overwhelming influence of diabetes in this population," Hanna Szwed, a researcher at the Institute of Cardiology in Warsaw, Poland, said in a press release. "We also found that the risk of myocardial infraction in young women increased with the number of coexisting factors." UPI

Testosterone Therapy Reveals Differences Netween Male, Female Brains
Cross-sex transition therapy changes the shape and functionality of the brain. In monitoring the transition of several patients, brain imaging revealed changes to neural regions and pathways associated with language. Scientists say the new findings support previous research highlighting differences between the brains of men and women. Functional MRI analysis showed the brains of 18 female-to-male transitions noticeably changed over the course of their testosterone therapy. Images taken after four weeks and again after four months showed changes in areas of the brain previously linked to speech and verbal fluency. UPI

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Obama: US And Israel Must Improve Intel Cooperation To Stop Hezbollah From Getting Missiles
US President Barack Obama voiced his commitment to Israel's security in an interview published by Forward on Monday, saying that the US and the Jewish state should get back to increasing security cooperation after the current debate on the Iran nuclear deal has subsided. "I think that once we have completed the congressional debate and the deal is in the process of being implemented, it will be important for my administration and the Israeli government to move forward on what I’ve been calling for since April, when the political framework agreement in Lausanne was first announced, and that is to sit down and ask the question, what are the major security challenges that we together face in the region, and how can we build on the already robust, unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation that we have to make our security arrangements even stronger?" Obama told Forward. Jerusalem Post

US, Allies Conduct 12 Air Strikes Against Islamic State
The United States and its allies conducted 12 air strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria on Sunday, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement on Monday. In Syria, one strike destroyed an excavator near Al Hawl, the military said. The 11 strikes in Iraq included hits on a homemade explosives cache and a resupply boat near Al Baghdadi, as well as attacks near several other towns, the statement said. Jerusalem Post

Guantanamo Bay: Obama Considering Closure Options
The White House says President Barack Obama is considering "a wide array" of options for closing the controversial US military prison at Guantanamo Bay. Spokesman Josh Earnest said winning Congress approval to close the jail would be the best option. But he did not rule out executive action as a means to shut it down.
President Obama is determined to shut down the prison before the end of his term in 2017, but faces bipartisan opposition in Congress. The US has slowly been sending prisoners back to their home countries or to third countries. Just 116 inmates currently remain compared to the prison's peak population of 684 in 2003. BBC

Scott Walker Calls Border Wall With Canada A 'Legitimate Issue'
Republican presidential hopeful Scott Walker has called building a wall along the border between the US and Canada a "legitimate issue". Illegal immigration and the security of the southern border with Mexico have been major issues in the Republican race for president, but the northern border has not been discussed. Mr Walker made the comments in response to a question from a NBC News reporter. "That is a legitimate issue for us to look at," he said on Sunday. At 5,525 miles (8,891km), the US border with Canada is the longest in the world. The border is often referred to as the world's "longest undefended border" although security has tightened since the 11 September 2001 attacks. BBC

Hillary Clinton Stumbles In Iowa As Trump's Fortunes Reach New Heights
Despite all the time and effort Hillary Clinton has invested in Iowa this year, her numbers there are tanking. Eight years after she finished third in the Hawkeye State, the former secretary of state could be in for another humbling experience. And while Clinton has fallen in the Iowa polls, two Republican outsiders have risen – remarkably. Donald Trump and Ben Carson have maintained a steady and statistically significant lead. Trump, once anathema to most conservative voters, has turned his fortunes around. According to the most recent poll from the Des Moines Register and Bloomberg Politics, which was released on Saturday night, Trump is now viewed favorably by 52% of Iowa Republicans and unfavorably by 33%. Guardian

US Stock Markets Finish Down To Close Out Worst August In Three Years
US stock markets all fell on Monday, ending the worst August in three years as investors worldwide continued to fret over China’s economy and the timing of the first increase in US interest rates in a decade. The S&P 500 fell 16 points, or 0.8%, to 1,972. The Nasdaq composite slid 52 points, or 1.1 percent, to 4,776. The falls came as investors reacted to similar dips in Asia and comments from the Federal Reserve vice-chairman, Stanley Fischer, over the weekend that suggested a rate increase could come sooner than some expected. Guardian

Yemen: ‘Worrying Outbreak’ Of Dengue Fever Prompts UN Health Agency Appeal For Safe Humanitarian Corridor
The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is appealing for a safe corridor to reach more than 3 million people in war-torn Yemen’s most populated governorate, Taiz, where “an extreme spike” in cases of dengue fever has been recorded over the past two weeks. “There is an urgent need for a humanitarian corridor to assess the situation and institute control measures,” said Dr. Ala Alwan, WHO’s Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean. “We need protection and safety for all people working to control the worrying outbreak of dengue fever in Taiz, which includes support with residual spraying, health education of communities and distribution of other supplies,” Dr. Alwan said. UN News

Civil Society Must Be ‘Equal Partners’ In Implementing UN Sustainability Agenda
With speakers of parliament meeting at United Nations Headquarters at a moment when the world is gripped by multiple crises – displacement has soared to all-time highs and the threat of climate change grows by the day – Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged the legislators to help drive forward the new UN sustainable development agenda and ensure that civil society are equal partners in “building the future we want.” “We are being challenged to strengthen our collective resolve to promote peace and security, sustainable development and human rights around the world,” said Mr. Ban, telling the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament that, earlier this month, UN Member States took a bold step in this direction by concluding negotiations on the “ambitious and transformative” agenda for the next 15 years. UN News

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